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Hi All,
New to the forum. Had the car a few years now but have never needed to post before as it's been so reliable :)

However, I'm currently having an issue with the dipped beam headlights not working. The side-lights and instrument cluster lights turn on with the switch but when I switch up to dipped beam, they do not turn on and the instrument cluster lights go out. This led me to think that the switch was at fault but I've just tried a 2nd hand replacement and the same fault exists. The main beam activates when I pull on the stalk but does not remain on when released.

The car is a 2006 (Dame Edna) with Xenons. I've checked through the fuses associated with the headlight system and all appear to be in tact. I've also tried switching the main and dipped beam relays but the fault remains.

What's people's thoughts here; wiring issue or something else? I'm not thinking it's a bulb problem due to the instrument cluster lights also going out.

I've heard mention of the orange relay on other posts but my car doesn't have one.

Thanks for any help in advance,
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