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There are 4 basic TD04HL-15x 6cm2 turbo's, 2 with equal height impeller blades and 2 with unequal height (alternating)

The 9000 Aero's used both of 1 type, possibly 1993 for one and 1994-1998 for the other.

I'm not too sure of the differences though, but the models used were TD04HL-15G 6cm2 and TD04HL-15T

The 9-3 Viggen used a 5cm2 for faster sppol up, but it impacts top end power (due to the 5cm2 restricted exhaust opening.

From a helpful web site
All MHI wheels I have seen have 12 blades. Blades are always evenly spaced, but the pitch and height of the blades can change between models. "B"- and "C"-style compressor wheels have all blade tips at the same height. "G"-, "Gk"-, and "T"-style wheels have blade tips at two heights, alternating high and low.[/b]
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