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ATE embossed on caliper..Also..per BillJ's thread recently, and his web-site, the older Girling caliper only requires lower guide bolt removal and then can hindge up to remove pads - easiest BillJ has done (like a Mitsubishi I once had). Newer ATE caliper requires both guide bolts to ber removed to remove pads.

1) Saab pads are Textar (as per my old set and new set). My new Disks (Norrbit) and Pads Saab/Textar radically improved the breaking compared to the older worn disks (3mm down on each side)/pads (4mm left)!

2) Full set of front disks and pads cost me £75 inclusive!! (although I did a deal which meant I didn't pay postage).

3) New Saab 9-5 & 9-3 disk pads have GM stamped on them! Wonder if these are Textar too??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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