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i Think my DI has just Failed on me, it has been missing under load, for a while now, but after putting a stock pair of NGK's in this seemed to almost go away, anyway this evening droped a freind off, and then nothing, she would turn over but not start, and the tach on turnover was jumping.

i took the di off (plug in type), undid the torx screws, horrible smell, and the transformer had melted the casing, and it looked to be totally cooked, question?

1) i have sourced a second hand one for £50, but need to know what to look for to see if its ok, dont mind if it dont last long, as i'll get a new one at the end of the month

2) mate of mine says, put dialectric grease on the plug ceramic, and di boot to stop arcing, what is this stuff, and where do i get it

any advice appreciated


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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