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Well, I flew in today after a hellishly long flight. Grrrrrr.

I’m in LA and the first thing that happened was getting my fingerprints scanned and my photo taken. Security is everywhere. The next thing that happened was a greeting from 1985Gripen, who met me at the airport.

I don’t have time to give a full run down of all that happened today as it’s past 1am and I’ve had about 2 hours sleep in the last 36. Also, I didn’t get the right sort of power plug adaptor back in Oz, so I’m on battery power until I can find a solution, and I’m running out fast!

So quickly….

Gripen and I took the Pacific Coast Highway down to Bob Sinclair’s place. Bob’s the former head of Saab USA,and it was a total honour to sit in his home for 3 or so hours and just swap stories and thoughts. He’s got a lot of both and I’ll cover some thoughts from that conversation as time passes.

It was a magic three hours or so. Bob’s not the sentimental type, though he still loves the brand.

We took a look over his vehicle collection and then he took me for a ride in this:

Mama!! it’s a Ferrari 328 GTS and let’s just say Bob knows how to drive it

Gripen and I then jumped back in the car and headed back to LA for dinner with some of the SoCal Saab Club guys. They even secretly talked the waiters into bringing me out a dessert with a candle in it and singing happy birthday (my birthday’s in March!).

More on all that later, too.

After dinner we headed out to Walter Wong’s Saab workshop (more on that later, too) and were joined by Steve in this rather heavily modified Saab.

You guessed it - more on that later.

I’m off to catch some Z’s. If anyone’s got a thought on how I can power my laptop, I’m all ears. I need an adaptor that’ll fit an Australian 3-prong plug and adapt to a US plug. The ones I bought in Australia were for a 2-prong only (I didn’t realise my laptop cord had three prongs - doh!).

It’s a HP laptop, circa 2006.


My undying gratitude to 1985 Gripen for sharing the day with me, driving me around. It was an great chance to meet up face to face and I couldn’t have wished for a better host.

I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did, mate!

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