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Another day done.

My apologies for the low volume of postings here in the last few days, but it’s pointless taking the laptop to the show. I’ve been at the show all day for the last two days, which just leaves posting at night.

The discussion in comments has benefitted, however, which has been great.


Here at BMW, ze pretty lady makes photo of wise men, ja.

Yes, today was the day when I finally got a chance to wanter around and take a look at the other manufacturers on show here. It wasn’t a long journey, mind you. I was locked in at the Saab stand once again for 90% of the day and spent my last 45 minutes or so taking a look around.

I shot a bunch of photos and will put the best of them online shortly.


I got a late start today, largely because I stayed up until 5am last night doing the Anthonly Lo video. My body’s fighting this time zone like you wouldn’t believe.

My tiredness has also contributed to me getting less coverage than what I might have otherwise liked to do. But I’m happy with the 9-4x coverage we’ve got here, and expecially with what’s still to come.

Almost every important Saab exec has made the journey to Detroit. I’ve got to chat to most of them and most of the interviews will be covered here in time. The interviews I recorded today were audio-only and I’ll be transcribing them to text as time permits.

I hope you don’t mind, but I made a judgement call and skipped interviews with people like Jan-Ake Jonsson and Kjell AC Bergstrom (GM powertrain). Mostly this was a matter of timing, but it was also an interest in getting some quality time with certain people to find out a few things that we otherwise wouldn’t have really known.

Interviews today were with the following:

Gunilla Gustav - Gunilla works with Saab Communications and is mostly based in Pixbo, but my chat with her today focused on the otherwise mysterious Saab Brand Center. This is something I was really interested in finding out about as we hear the name but there’s very little known about it, what it does and who it comprises.

Andrew Dyson - Anthony Lo is the head og GM Europe’s Advanced Design Group and as such, is the main spokesperson when it comes time to unveil concepts such as the 9-4x. Andrew Dyson, however, is the man on the ground who was in charge of both the exterior and interior design for the 9-4x concept, reporting to Anthony as the design progressed. We talked at length about the design process and in particular, Andrew’s very own Saabs.

Steve Shannon - Of course, I couldn’t come to the US without spending some time with Saab USA chief, Steve Shannon. We had a great chat about a great number of things, including the coming Saab 9-3x, the opportunities for diesel in the US, the model rollout in 2008 and 2009, the Turbo X, and more.

I’ll start working on the interview with Steve Shannon and Jan-Willem Vester shortly.


Today was another big day of unveilings, but it was good to see that even though Saab’s day had passed, there was still a large number of people visiting the Saab stand.

GM were filming a number of videos with Saab personnel and the Saab 9-4x concept, which I’m sure will appear on the Saab Global website in due course.


One of my favourite photos from today. I should have exposed it for the car, though…..


Time to get writing…..big poll to come.

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