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Another day passes in Detroit, and it shall be known as the day I didn’t carry my camera enough. Consequently, I have no photos from the GM Style event that I attended tonight, but I do have some good notes….

Buckle up, long post coming…..


The day started with lunch at Fishbones, meeting up with a few Saab people in the process. Long-time commenter and 9-5 advocate, Greg Abbott was there, along with Erica, whom he’s just sourced a non-turbo 900 for in Minnesota. Erica’s planning a big drive up to Labrador with a few friends in 900s and wanted a non-turbo model for the job - less bits means less to go wrong. We were all joined by ‘SaabWookiee’ - who’s yet to make his first Saab purchase but has been studying the form guide religiously. I think if and when Saab get the EDP back up and running, he’ll be a prime candidate. More on the EDP later….

I was determined to wear shorts at least one day while I was here in Detroit, and given that today was the warmest one on the forecast, out they came.


I don’t want to offend any Americans here, but let’s just say that Detroit in winter isn’t quite Trollhattan in summer. It’s a pretty confronting place, actually. Well, where I am is, at least. I’m sure the people that live here have got their place in a nice suburb and a regular set of pleasant locations to visit, but the little I’ve seen of downtown so far is pretty sparse.


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