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dash cup holder MY07

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snapped off my flip over dash cup holder MY07 over chrimbo - don't ask....
I need the part number and can't seem to find it for RHD (can find LHD on US sites)
part number would be a great help but any advice on where to try locating a replacement either new or second hand (prefer to buy online)

any help appreciated
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Difficult to trace...

I was VERY lucky to find one on EBAY when I snapped mine off by accident.

Worth checking there - IIRC I paid about £30 for it when I think its nearer £90 new.[/b]
thanks have had an ebay search on there for a few weeks and nothing so far. was it easy to replace? i'm not very handy when it comes to these things?
You`ll find some on there:
starting form £12-£14.[/b]
thanks for the link, never heard of thes guys before - the cup holders aren't what i was looking for but thanks for the link anyway.
Not difficult to fit if you come from the right direction (which I didn't!!)
Come from beneath by taking out heating control unit (pulls out) but you may have to get ashtray out first (easy using a flat blade to force the small clip back)

I came in from the vents at the top and spent at least 4 hours re-assembling the vents which fell apart as I removed them!

I reckon knowing now what I know I could change the cup holder in 15 minutes.


do you need to take the stereo out to complete? if so is it ok to just slide out, unconnect and do the reverse (ie no chance of buggering up the stereo - or do ineed the stereo code when i reconnect)

thanks for all the help on this one by the way guys - got a 2nd hand part through - really fast professional service - was impressed

question is do i try and fit myself....
have a look here it can be easier explained:) :[/b]
kaniewsky / All

i had seen this but a while ago and was not very confident in my ability to do the job once i had watched him using reasonable force to get the vents out... had a quick watch again and thought what the hell give it a shot.

anyway just done the job in no more than 45mins including having 2 brews (1C outside) and for someone with little or no skills or confidence in this area i'm quite chuffed.

for those with a MY07 cupholder onwards i did take out the vent and the radio but didn't need to, you can take out the aircon unit and attack from underneath, biggest issue is freeing the cup holder lugs but teasing and patience with my tools of choice did seem to do the job (slide them in just underneath the radio and try and tease down, its does require some reasonable force). PS the tools of choice are plastic wall filler blades (ie home decorating plaster filler blades). Picked some up from wilkos this morning, pack of 3 bright yellow for 98p and did the job very well, no damage to the dash or units.

thanks to all the help from the forum again - all in i reckon i have saved at least a hundred quid by buying the part 2nd hand and fitting myself. now just need to figure out how the missues has broken her laptop......
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