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Hi all,

The dash lights - that's all of them, instruments, clock, heater controls, button lights - are out on my wife's 9000 cse, K plate, 2.0i.

The exterior lights (and indeed, all the other electrics) work fine.

The fuse is fine, though it blew originally one night, taking the off-side tail light out with it.

All the bulbs are fine - I've had the dash top off and checked them all. The warning lights and computer display are fine. All the connections into the instrument pod are secure, and I've swapped the lighting master switch, the dash dimmer and any likely relays I can find (though I don't claim to know which relays are important here) with known good ones.

We're managing currently (and I say 'we' as this is our sole car while my Aero is in having head-off work done) with a bulb in the back of the instrument panel that I rigged up while the lid was off, taking power from the glove box light ('fridge' switch thing by-passed) - again confirming that power is being directed to the right sorts of places when the external lights are put on.

But where do I go from here?

Is it common / likely / possible to have blown something in the instrument panel itself? How do I confirm this?

Is there a relay in particular that is a likely suspect?


Many thanks,

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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