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DAB / FM Aerial alternative

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Fitted a DAB head unit on my facelift 9-3 few weeks ago , and as normal came with the internal stick on DAB antenna,
As always with them a bit hit and miss ,
Also I was having problems with FM reception before fitting this unit , l
So I went and brought a better aerial from dynamic sounds that was worse ,
So I looked on that well known auction site for a better alternative, l
I came across thease " bee sting " amplified DAB / FM aerials most were from China but found a seller in the uk
So brought one ,
Fitting in place of the old was simple , just unbolted the old and the new one fits in the same hole ( had to get rid of the plastic fitting on the base ) and ran a bead of silicon around the base and bolted in place
The DAB and FM wires are 5 meters long , but for some reason the power one is 2 meters long , but I just extended it so power was picked up from the head unit , l
Wires I ran in the head lining , by taking out the rear interior light and front one and fishing it through ,
Ran wires down N/S A pillar trim and behind glove box and into head unit .
Results are 100 % better than before and no loosing DAB or FM signal
Would recommend, and sub £30.00 and 3 hours of my time .
They also do a DAB / FM / GPS version for those with a sat nav unit ,
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