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I am looking for a cup holder for my 1999 Saab 9-3 SE also. I can't find the new posts button yet, and it is getting frustrating. So Chubbs I guess I will add to yours and hope for the best.

I lost the message from the person who said they had a cracked beverage holder. Get back with me. I can pay for it around 22 February, and I will be glad to pay shipping. Also my rear bumper became slightly disattached from the driver's side.

It looks as though since I bumped a pile of hardened snow that if I push it gingerly with a blanket against a firm wall I can pop it back in and then drive away from the wall and it should hold. I can't find any information anywhere about how to reattach the rear driverside of the bumper. Suggestions and advice are solicited. Thanks. Car Vehicle Compact car Center console
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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