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i was to happy to have my first NON OIL LEAKING saab, but that just changed. i'm getting the oil leak behind the cranks shaft pulley. i know it's no big deal, but it sure made a mess in my 889KT, and i don't want that again.

i need to replace my idler pulley, tensioner pulley and belt i figured i'd do the oil seals. the haynes manaul makes it look very straight forward.

does anyone have anything to watch out for or mistakes often made? i'm assuming i will be replacing both the cranshaft oil seaon as well as the o-ring (which appears to be the culprit). is that correct?

will i easily find the "tooth" on the starter contact to stop the crank from turning when i take the bolt off?

additionally, can i reuse the circlip? or will the seal kit come with another?
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