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Billy, I believe the sensor is under the inlet manifold, screwed into the cylinder head. It's a bit awkward to get at, but reachable. It might be worth taking it out in case there is some air trapped around it somehow (can't see how, but...) then replacing it. That's the only way I can think of that replacing the pump could have affected it - by allowing air to get trapped in the system.

Remove the coolant filler cap first, then remove the sensor, watch for water coming out of the hole, then refit the sensor. The water should run out rather than trickle, I would think, with the cap removed.

Don't let too much drain out or you're back to having a partly-full system which might cause the same problem again. Don't forget to top up afterwards.

Apart from that, it could be a faulty sensor (although the coincidence with the pump replacement is suspicious) or even a blockage in the system.
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