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I have been having a coolant leak for a few weeks, just been filling up the expansion tank before every longish journey. Guy from AA had a look for me and said there was a slow drip, looked like coming off small pipes bottom right of engine bay.

But I had it run out really fast on Monday so stuck it into local garage who said the water is coming off the rubbery/plastic part you see at right hand side of engine which they say is the EGR Valve cooler, but they said it comes in 4 parts, a Vacuum cover for £25, a radiator for £493 and 2 gaskets which they couldn't get a price for, plus VAT on it all....

He ran a sealant and it appears to have stopped the water escaping in the short term.

When I look online I can see the 2011 Insignia EGR Valve Cooler which looks very similar so wondered if it's an identical part which I could buy instead of getting the above, can get full GM part for around £60....a bit of a difference.
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