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Hi Guys,
I've owned my 1991 900 Turbo classic Aero RHD Convertible for 18 years. I can not remember what has and hasn't been done in all those years but am spending now more time obsessing on some of the niggles that don't stop me using her as my daily driver and long distance motor with 200K miles on the clock but do keep me up at night.
Recently changed the water pump personally, had a guy do one side of the car rust wise, couldn't afford the whole thing till next lottery win. Recently replaced rear calipers and pads etc. Fitted a new non return valve to discover the engine went a good deal smoother.

Now the bits that are keeping me awake at night are:

Rev counter works occasionally with no typical conditions sparking it to life i.e. rough road or particular speed. It will sometimes just spring into life and function for about 2 minutes then die.

Intermittent, intermittent wiper. If it is 0 degrees outside the intermittent wiper setting will work for about 10 minutes then fail to function. any other temp and although regular and high speed settings work there is no intermittent.

Central locking (key operated, no fob as this died about 10 years ago) has totally failed. Was sat in the car yesterday listening to the radio as kid had fallen asleep in the back so had to remain or face 4 year old tantrums. there was a faint ticking in the dorr at about 5 second intervals and previously I had heard a ticking coming from the front passenger seat door/ foot well. Hadn't thought too much about it at the time.

Cruise control hasn't worked for 18 years and would like to try and get it running. On a right hand drive car how do you find the switches on Clutch/ Brake to check if they are there or not? pictures would be great.

Fuel gauge seems to not be as accurate as it used to be and sometimes drops to absolutely zero worth 1/4 of a tank of fuel. most of the time now though pretty vague.

Oil residue(I think) can be seen under the dist cap on the heat shield directly below.

Anyway. these are my first world problems. I wondered if any of you kind fellows might be able to shine a light?

Thanks in advance.
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