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Hello everyone!
I'm starting a project on my 2004 93, I will be adding LEDs to the footrest, and they should turn on when the doors open, just like the dome lights.
This is how I achieved it:
Relay with the dome light bulb positive terminal working as a switch, then a piggyback fuse from the fusebox to power the LEDs.
Now the problem:
The dome circuit dimms the bulbs from off to on, increasing the voltage from 0 to 12 in about 1 or 2 seconds.
What this causes to the relay switch is that since it is not getting a immediate 12v it makes the internal switch vibrate until it reaches the 12v. The same goes for when turning off.
It works well but the buzzing noise is impressively loud for such a small device and is extremely annoying.
So what I was thinking of doing was to find someplace else where I could get instant 12v once I open the door.
I thought of connecting it to the door sensor but I have no idea where the terminals are located and I thought would work fine but only for one door, the other 3 wouldn't trigger it I suppose.
I also thought of wiring the LEDs directly to the bulb terminals and ditch the relay but I think that would be too much load on the wiring. I guess I could swap the bulbs with LEDs to ease the load but I actually think the yellow halogen fit the 93 interior well, and I like the dimming as well.
I could use a solid state relay to get rid of the mechanical relay noise but I heard they get really hot and I wouldn't want it to melt something.
So, like I said in the begining, I need somewhere where I get instant 12v once I open any door. I just have no idea where else I can get that.
Could someone please enlighten me where I can find that magical spot?
Or is there a simpler solution and I'm overthinking this?
I'm frying my brain over this o_O
Thanks for any help

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Footwell lights drivers and passengers side .
I put puddle lights in my rear doors and headlining using the feed from the footwell lights

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