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Cosmic Blue 9-5

1998 Saab 9-5 SE Automatic
Luxury Grey velour Seating, Climate Control, Cd Auto-Changer, SID 2, Cruise Control, 120k

Performance Enhancements:
MapTun Stage Two ECU with upgraded injectors and 2.5” BSR Cat back exhaust
Forge Dump Valve & Silicon Vacuum Pipes
Genuine Saab Road holding Kit (upgraded Shocks, Springs and Anti-Roll bars)
Black Diamond Grooved front Discs with Pagid Fast Road Pads
New Rear Discs and Pads – painted callipers all round

Exterior Enhancements
Genuine Saab 9-3SS 17” Alloy wheels wrapped in nearly new Toyo Proxes

Rear Décor Panel & Saab (S44B) Registration

Also within the last 12 months:
Genuine Saab Turbo, DI Cassette, Throttle Body, Front Wheel Bearings

This car has been bathed in Zymol Wax, and treated to Mobil1 every 4 months, additionally the Brake Fluid and ATF have been replaced.
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