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Got a query from an SOC member which some of you guys may be able to help me figure out.

Chap has a 96V4, chassis no. 96611596 and used to bear the reg no. LEJ 592 J. It's been off the road for many years and there is no V5 log book, but the new owner needs proof of the car's age for competition use. VIN plate on bulkhead and stamp under rear seat match.

Other details from the colour code plate are:

The car was originally a dark blue colour but is
now orchid white.

The previous owner is sure the vehicle was 70/71 but alas no logbook.

Now, I can't fathom the VIN number as it seems to me to be a 61 model year chassis number (or is this before the 96xy blah blah format when xy = model year?).

Also, isn't Gn7h Verona Green?

Is this a bullnose with long-nose front grafted on or is it pukka? There was no engine fitted when the car was purchased.

Any help much appreciated!


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That chassis number predates the 96xx.... style where the 3rd and 4th digits are the model year. This system was introduced in 1971/72. The chassis number is also later than 1968, up to which time a simple 6 digit number was used. Therefore I suspect we are looking at a '69, '70 or '71 car.

However, the paint code is Tyrol green (Verona is GN8 and GN9) - only available during MY '71 and '72. I can therefore deduce that what we have here is a MY 1971 car, possibly built/registered in 1970 (borne out by the J reg plate).

I thang yaw.
(Any resemblance to fact is purely coincidental)

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Saab 96 V4 chassis number history

Saab 96V4.

Model Year 1967 Chassis No.s:
420001 to 458526

Model Year 1968 Chassis No.s:
470001 to 507018

Model Year 1969, Chassis No.s
96520001 to 96552859

Model Year 1970 Chassis No.s:
96560001 to 96592844 (Swedish built)
60600001 to 60601540 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1971 Chassis No.s
96600001 to 96627413 (Swedish built)
61000001 to 61602639 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1972 Chassis No.s:
96720000001 to 96722021567 (Swedish built)
96726000001 to 96726006009 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1973 Chassis No.s:
96732000001 to 96732023028 (Swedish built)
96736000001 to 96736008344 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1974 Chassis No.s:
96742000001 to 96742017275 (Swedish built)
96746000001 to 96746005605 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1975
96752000001 to 96752015165 (Swedish built)
96756000001 to 96756007419 (Finnish built)
Model Year 1975B
96752060001 to 96752064517 (Swedish built)
96753060001 to 96753060550 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1976 Chassis No.s
96762000001 to 96762007239 (Swedish built)
96766000001 to 96766007634 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1977
96772000001 to 96772000439 (Swedish built)
96773000001 to 96773004539 (Finnish built)
Model Year 1975B
96773006001 to 96773009922 (Swedish built)
96776006001 to 96776009247 (Finnish built)

Model Year 1978 Chassis No.s:
96783000001 to 96783004536 (Swedish Built)
96786000001 to 96786006137 (Finnish Built)

Model Year 1979 Chassis No.s
96796000001 to 96796010740 (Finnish Built)

Model Year 1980 Chassis No.s
96806000001 to 96806002820 (Finnish Built)


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many thanks for the info, muchos appreciatos.

/john, where do you find all this info?!

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Hi I have just brought a barn find Saab 96 with chassis number 96732008067 but to register it I need the reg is there any way any one can help me please I have no v5 as like I say it was a barn find with no number plates as it was stripped by the person who sadly passed away
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