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Finally got around to doing this on my 1996 Aero 102k miles. I bought 3 litres of the fully synthetic 'official' saab stuff for 22notes (for that money I thought I may as well get the recommended stuff).

General Procedure (for all post 1994 manuals)is as follows:

1) Before you start draining the oil - make sure you can get the 3 allen bolts loose a little other wise things could get tricky! Make sure the gearbox is warm and you have a nice long filler funnel.

2) All the allen bolts are the same 8mm size. The filler is on the top of the gear box just below the front edge of the battery. The drain plug has good access underneath and the hard one is the filler level plug which is easist to get to via the passenger wheel arch with a UJ and extension + an Allen socket.

3) Take out the filler plug and then move under the car and drain the oil. Take the bottom plug out slowly and control the drain as it really gushes out (as I, and the road found out)

4) Take the drain plug, remove the magnet with a pair of pliers and clean off any metal deposits. I had what I would reckon, were a few grams of metal on the magnet - enough to make a dome shape over the end of the plug.

5) Put the drain plug back and throw 1 litre of sythetic in. I then plugged the top again and drove about 1/2 mile , going through all the gears, but not using much power. Drain this 'flush' oil off (sob), replug the drain hole.

6) Fill another litre into the gearbox and then slowly fill the 2nd bottle, keeping an eye on the level hole, which will seep oil when you reach max. This is at approx 1.8 litres.

7) Refit the filler and level plugs and tighten - (nice and tight!)

Well the old oil was brown and not the black I had expected but I could feel a small but immediate improvement and my slightly notchy 5th had improved. I couldnt hear the slight whine that I usually hear also but I havent given it a really good check yet.
I also haven't had a chance to check it from cold yet but I reckon that's where I'll see more benefit - although my girlfriend, who commutes in the car, says the gearbox was much smoother this morning. (Careful choice of word there...)
Worth doing!
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