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Hi all.
Thanks for having me.
I have a 9-3 1.9 tid linear airflow 2008
I have two niggling issues.
1: Both front and rear passenger side doors won't lock when I use the fob.
Putting my ear to each door. I can here the click but the lock buttons don't go down.
I've heard about the actuators being a bit rubbish on these models. Two on one side going at the same time seems a little odd though.
2: when I sit in the drivers seat without a passenger. The seat belt alarm sounds. Even with the drivers belt on. I have to plug in the passenger belt in order to silence the alarm. Weird thing is. I can leave the drivers belt undone and the alarm stays silent. As long as the passenger belt is plugged in.
Looking under the drivers seat. There is another seat belt connector block cable tied to the frame.

Hope that's enough info for you.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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