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or to put it another way, the Scaero is flashing it Check Engine light 5 times.

This I believe to be a Throttle Position Sensor error code.

A couple of time over that last 2 months the can has lost power and pressing the throttle hasn't sorted it (but lifting and repressing has).

Today I took it to the garage to have the code pulled, P120 and D7591, so it looks like a new TPS may be needed (this one is 5 years old now).

They have reset the codes and I'm seeing if it returns.

Also, one o the mechanics is breaking a 1991 9000S 2.3 Turbo wit TCS

The ABS/TCS resivour/pump is sold, but he's going to pull the TPS, TCS Throttle body, check valves and TCS/ABS ecu for me and do a deal Are there any other bits you think I should get?

He's had the leather seats, 16" aero's and the 2.3T engine and gearbox which he's fitted to his 2.0lpt Auto CS

Plenty of spares for the Scaero and Carly then.

Hopefully the SCaero will be on song again soon.

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