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CDi won't stay in gear whwn coming up to junctions

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When second gear is engaged, provided that there is load on the mashing gears, either accelerating or engine braking, the gear will remain engaged but when the pressure on the gears is reduced, for example when coming up to a junction, the gear change will pop out. This only becomes apparent when you begin to accelerate again, and nothing happens. The engagement of second is not as positive as that other gears. I have checked the coupling between the gear shift and the gear box which looks okay, I have also checked that there is the correct amount of travel on the gear change when engaging second.When engaged in second there are no unusual noises and there is no problem selecting any gears including second.
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Not too much experience with car gearboxes either Adrian but since it stays in mesh [mash? ;-) ] under load then I would think that the dogs are not unduly worn. Perhaps a worn selector fork would prevent it from fully engaging but then would it not pop out under load as well? My guess is a worn engine mount allowing the engine/transmission unit to move when accelerating or braking so that it pops out of 2nd under light load but the undercut on the dogs keeps it engaged under heavier loads.
Having stripped down the 'box I have the discovered that the pinion shaft bearing at the diff' end has failed causing excess end float. I also discovered that the roller detents on the bauking were all out of position. It should be noted that contry to what the Haynes maunal says the gear box is resonably easy to work on. I hope this may help some oue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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