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CD player not loading/unloading and clicking. (Not the clear gear cover) HELP

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The CD player in my 2006 93 vert does not accept CD's and makes a clicking sound when trying to insert/eject.

Taken it out and stripped it down a little to see if the clear plastic cover for the gears had snapped as that seems to be a common problem. Cover is all in tact and all the gears underneath run fine.

After some searching I found this thread on here which sounds promising but all the images have disappeared due to Photobucket starting to charge for hosting I guess.

Any pointers people?

Thanks in advance
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Dont have any real help but you should be able to see the pics using one of the plugins below........
Excellent. Thank you!

I'll whip it back out one night and have another look.
I've given up on this repair and installed a 6-disc in dash changer instead... :p
Excellent - is it easy to swap the changer for the single CD player? That is a simple upgrade I was thinking of as well, but not sure how reliable these in dash players are, and what sort of price I should pay for one from a scrap car.

Does it need Tech2?
It's a straight swap.

Take out the climate panel and the ashtray and you can just slide the CD player and AMP out. It does need adding via Tech2. You either have a single disc or a 6 disc player.

Some say these are a bit temperamental in colder weather but mine has been fine.

I paid £70 for mine including adding with Tech2 and 1 year warranty.

Also comes with 6 eject buttons which means more lights... :cool:

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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