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carly...a car transformed

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polyed the wishbone bushes ,slapped on some aero springs, replaced a/r bushes f/r with poly ones,fixed two big splits in the induction hosing
new sparks,k+n filter,cleaned all the induction pipework ,new silicone vacuum pipes,changed oil for mobil 1 ,new (saab this time !!) oil filter

and at the end....

Its like a new car
The take off is very aggressive ..much more than I remember the aero to be before I started fettling it
Handling much firmer and less sloppy
still oversteers a lot but that might be the tyres.. and no tramping !!

all the rattling and general "tired car and engine" noises have virtually gone

still got the blower motor to fix
but what a car ...
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sorry we had too much to do...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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