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In November my son took the nose of the Carlsson
destroyed the front bumper/ two wings+ both the lights and bent the bonnet ...
bent back the bonnet
pushed out the front valance and got it as straight as poss...
ecp has supplied the front wings
Mr torque-steer the front bumper (thanks jason !)
but the lights ...
ecp want about 150 quid each , just for the lights down to the local scrappies (sports car breakers quite close to newbridge roundabout)
..lots o SAABs !!
a fair selection of slopey nosed cd's with unmolested fronts and a selection of 900 classics as well

so 20 mins work...two headlamps / indicators and wipers
job lot £50 ....
plus all the wing bolts as well
you know that difficult bolt at the bottom that is a real pita ... just bend back the wing !!!

so nothing stopping me from putting the Carlsson back together now(apart from the rain)

so a cup of tea and wait for the rain to stop.... (fat chance ..its Scotland )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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