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Well Mark's Bubbles is home, and Mine's now away at chez Abbott.

I forgot to tell them about 2nd and 3rd being a bit bauky at times, but I hope that they'll find that.

Got to have a look around Bubbles and a quick spin. She certainly pulls nicely but I think I only got it in 4th once. It will be nice to see her on the track. The suspension/wheel setup isn't harse, power arrives and wafts you to the red line and I never got near the limits of the brakes/tyres (well it's not mine, it's just been fixed and I don't know the roads).

Mark kindly showed me the other way back out of Wix, and demonstrated that the Carly can't keep up. Even following at a distance you can hear that exhaust

PS. His rev limiter arrives quickly, but I didn't even notice!!
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