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The name Saabilac is being bandied around again. First used for the BLS, it’s now been picked up by CAR Magazine in the UK for the Saab 9-4x and Cadillac BRX, which are both being developed on the same platform, a stretched version of the Theta platform.

CAR have used the same pictures that Jalopnik featured earlier today, which I covered in my own post about the recent sighting of the 9-7x-clad mule spotted in Sweden yesterday.

CAR also make the following claims about the Saab 9-4x, some of which are known and some of which are news:

  • - the car will debut in concept form in Detroit at the NAIAS in January. CAR don’t mention it, but I’ll be there

    - production will start in 2009, in Mexico.

    - 3.6 and 2.8 litre V6s are mentioned, along with a diesel (for Europe?) and hybrid capability in the longer term

    - they say the Saab 9-4x will be XWD only, whereas the Cadillac will have 2WD and 4WD.

    - according to CAR, the Saab will positioned higher than the Caddy, with a loftier price to match
If that last part is true, then I really don’t know what’s going on at GM Europe. If they really want to run Cadillac and Saab in parallel in the European market then I’m pretty sure they want to run Cadillac as a distinctly American and very high spec marque. I’d have thought it’d be a sure thing to be the higher priced vehicle with all the options.

I guess that’s why I’m running a blog and not a car company.

Then again, the blog’s profitable…..

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