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I have been experiencing a number of irritating glitches with the head unit on my '98 2.3T Anniversary. It is the standard Clarion unit and I have the 6 CD changer in the boot with amp under drivers seat. The problems are:

1) The display faded suddenly on one side one day and has not returned since.

2) AM reception (specifically Radio 5) is nearly always awful. When I bought the cat last year it was fine. I live in York but reception is rubbish everywhere.

3) On FM the RDS routinely tunes to the least strong signal rather than the strongest.

Are points 2) and 3) related? COuld it be something to do with noise suppression in the system or has the unit just failed somehow?

Any suggestions gratefully accepted (or indeed offers of your old Clarion head units!). If I were to replace the system with something else, I presume that I would also need to change the CD changer (assuming I do not opt for another Clarion)?

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