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Hi There

this may be a daft question but i have aq 2007 57 plate 9-3 1.8t estate, i have had it for 3 years and love the car. However, i'm looking to get a newer car, but we go camping alot and with the roof box etc, we seem to be getting very close to our max load weight.

Are there any suggestions regarding uprated suspension parts to fit to a newer saab, i dont want to go to another brand!! I would like to buy another 9-3 maybe Aero or ttid as otherwise it is perfect for our needs.

Please help


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If it was me.... I'd be looking at towing rubber bits to put within the springs, to stop it bottoming out ...... If your way over that, you need to upgrade to a totally different segment of vehicle ........ Think LR Discovery etc etc ... Or a Korean 4X4........ Spendy tho'
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