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I have finally got around to having a go at replacing the head gasket on my 92 9000CD. I am at the point where the two camshaft sprockets need to be loosened(14mm bolts) but for love nor money can I get them loosened I am stopping the movement of the cam by using an 18mm open ended wrench on the flat at the opposite end of the cam-distributor end- and my wife is giving the sprocket the message so to speak . We are doing it this way because she cannot hold the cam steady with me trying to loosen the bolt. To give you a flavour, I have a large torque wrench, which I have set to maximum, 203.5 nm, and my wife ,god bless her, has managed to get it to click with me at 18 stone hanging of the wrench at the other end
The timing chain was replaced about 30k miles ago so I presume the dealer has tightened these bolts with an air wrench? Haynes states the sprocket should be tightened to 63nm. Any suggestions or help or tips to loosen these bolts would be gratefully received.BTW Happy New Year to all.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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