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Buying from china

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BEWARE buying from china using alibaba,, they promise to protect you if things go wrong..i have had the misfortune of shopping there,
bought a coil pack [new] for my saab 93 convertible cost 150 dollars including postage to south Africa,,, saab spares are thin on the ground here an overpriced,
so I thought get it from the Chinese supplier, what could go wrong...EVERYTHING.. delays in shipping etc took two months to arrive, when it did, installed it and
it worked for one week an ceased,, got in touch with the supplier and alibaba to complain/ask for a refund,,then all the nonsense started wanting fault codes video of the car working and not working with their coil pack
month later its decided to give me a partial refund 55 dollars as they exclude the postage.... so this probably covered the cost of the unit so the Chinese supplier didn't lose.
now I'm sitting 50 dollars down an a paperweight
would have been better off buying a used unit from neo brothers so beware
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Yep I've had very mixed experience with those China men , brought something, awaited the allotted time plus some more , nuffing sent message , got reply about slow postal so hang in there , 2 days later get full refund and no reason , but hay ho !
My partner has brought stuff for our wedding, dresses and such like no problem.
I always think , if it's cheap then the Chinese are involved.
But for you to pay 150 dollars for a item that lasts a week
That's a complete con
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