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I have a '94 9000 Aero and I'm having trouble with the climate control. When you start the car in the cold, it blows warm air for about the first 15 to 20 minutes (as it should do to warm the car from cold, according to the manual), but when it should switch from just heating the car up to maintaining the cabin temperature via the various thermostats, the air supply blows just cold outside air in. If you turn the temperature up to 'HI' it blows hot all the time (as it should) but anything less (even 27 C ) gives just outside temperature air.

All the vents work as they should, the self-calibration test works fine and returns no errors.

The AC has never worked since I got the car but until recently the rest of the system has been able to maintain cabin temperature at whatever it was set to (except in summer, when the non-working AC led to **** sweating heat... ).

Any ideas as to what could cause this and are they easy things to check out ?

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