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Hi Guys,

I’m in need of a little help. I recently bought a Saab 93 convertible 53 plate and the interior door handle/pull is broke. I’ve got a replacement part but I’m wondering, do I have to take the whole door trim off and how please? Also the bolt for my aerial is broken and I was wondering how do I fix this please. Any advice would be much appreciated

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Hello and a warm welcome aboard the good ship saabscene Rowly2210
Is it all of the door handle that's broken or just the outer part ?
If it's all of it then it's a door card off procedure.
Talking from a man who owns a saloon version .
Behind the door pull there are 2 Torx screws .so arm yourself with some torx bits
You have to prise the outer door cover off
Start from the bottom end and get a door trim removal tool or a large flat blade screw driver covered in a rag and prise out the bottom edge then work your way up to the. Top it is tight
But it will all of a sudden pop up .
Locate the screws and take them out .
Get a door trim removal tool and work from the bottom edge of the door card and there's about 10 plastic clips , bottom , and sides once loose
Pull,away and up ,taking care because the door release cable is still attached
But you have room to remove door card ,
Then you will see that release cable is held in with a clip , release that then disconnect cable from release handle ( twist and release )
Refitting it reversal of removal .
If in doubt I think there's a YouTube video .
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