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My 96 2.3 Turbo has the catalytic convertor bolted straight to the front down pipe and the flexy section mounted after it ( I think earlier card have the flexy first).
About 6 months ago the flexy section failed and I fitted a replacement, about £69 from Saab. When fitting it I spotted that the bracket which bolts the cat to the back of the gearbox had fractured, which is probably why the flexy section failed due to the weight of the cat on it.
I made a new bracket out of a piece of 1/4" Dural sheet because it was all I had and fitted that making a mental note to get a replacement sometime.
2 or 3 months later when doing an oil change I noticed that the M10 screw which bolts through the bracket into the cat had fallen out so I fitted another.
Last week when replacing the water pump I noticed that it had fallen out again.

I fitted yet another with Loctite this time. Hopefully it will stay this time, I guess the thermal cycling of the Cat encourages it to loosen off.

The question I'm getting round to is about the bracket itself. I remember someone, perhaps before this list began, who had trouble with the bracket repeatedly fracturing, which wouldn't surprise me since it appears to be made of a very hard grade of steel. Does anyone know if this is a common problem?
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