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Hey all,
I am going to be fixing up my '87 9000 Turbo, getting the interior fixed, poly bushes in the front. Now, I drove a 9-5 Aero recrently (almost bought it) and i want my car to go like that! I am looking for anyone who has a 2.2 fuel chip (i am not wanting to go to a 3rd party ECU, as it costs around 4x the price of a BSR chip.) and would like to tell me where they got it, or if they have the binary file to burn my own chip, as i have the facility and materials needed to write the code onto the correct chip.

I am not asking for a copy of a BSR or anything, just if anyone has made or got made for them a custom chip, that they would mind sharing.

I have a modified APC, but I am looking for a 2nd hand one so I can modify mine even more.
any other suggestions will be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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