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Hi all.
Can i ask if its normal to have blue looking smoke out the exhaust of a 2005 93 1.9 Tid 8 Valve.
I have checked the coolant and oil and its not mixed and levels are all good.
My oil is at 25 % quality and only use shell Helix oil ( good stuff).
Its drives spot for 124k miles but still a little anxious when this happens.
The revs sit at 1000k and a smell becomes present.
After a few minutes it clears .
As i haven't had the car very long not sure of the quirks of these cars.
I have also noticed cold mornings below 5°c its a pain to start first time, but after the first start is a lot easier.
If anybody could advise if the issie is normal i would appreciate your time.

Nice to find a current saab forum still in use.
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