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Hi everyone, this is my first post despite owning my 93 for 18 months, I have just had the A/C re gassed as it had stopped working in the summer and things were getting too warm, the garage said it didnt seem to be working as well as it should but they couldnt find any leaks.

Anyway i did some checks and found that the aircon is working just fine, but the problem is that even on the cold setting its still blowing warm air out of the vents.

this is what i found - outside air temp 20 Deg, temp from the vents on full hot 49 Deg, when turned to cold this dropped to 38 Deg, however if i then switched the aircon on this dropped to 20 Deg.

It would seem that the aircon is fighting against hot air still getting through the system even on cold, and it seems that the last part of the "turn" on the knob to the cold position seems to be loose and though there would be still some more to go?

i have done a search on the forum and found some old posts, but wondered if there was more up to date information on a fix for this?

many thanks

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