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Hey guys
I have a 2006 vector convertible (used to have an aero when younger)

I bought it when I got to Oz 5 years ago but now its having so many issues.

1. Both windows go back down when we close them, is this an easy fix?
2. The aerial antenna thing has disintegrated in the sun, are replacements available?
3. The drivers door handle has stopped working ( i heard something ping)
4. The air com has stopped blowing (its 40 degrees and the mechanic wants to charge me $1000 for a new blower)

Im not that mechaniacally minded , but if there are any pointers on how I could do some of these things myself I would really appreciate it as I currently look a real lemon driving everywhere with my windows down, sweating , having to open my door from the outside and then having to get my window close dead right or it drops !!

Cheers guys
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