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I need a new word :
In my previous car (168bhp, low gearing) I "went out for a HURTLE"
In the Saab (150bhp, higher gearing) I "went out for a SWISH"
Now, having added the "Magic of Speedparts" (specified as 225bhp with super-unleaded) I need a word to adequately describe looney accelleration and being slightly out of control going UP steep hills, all in the comfort of an upholstered leather chair !

Been fitting the upgrade over the weekend, starting with the plumbing on Friday eve which was quite easy once I'd worked out which way up to fit the new APC valve. Saturday saw the new ECU go in but under pressure from the boss to go shopping, I forgot to connect the APC valve. With just the new ECU operating I recon on an increase of about 20bhp which was nice.

This evening with the APC connected and the roads quietening down, I got four adaption runs in on the local dual carriageway (short but entered via steep up-hills at both ends. Now have the looney acc. mentioned above and naughty speeds come up with incredible quickness.

I know that this is only what you aero boys have had all along but for me its the most powerful car I have ever driven and I just love the
. I came home with big s.

I won't be able to do a rolling road check until the end of Sept - I could not wait that long so I haven't got the "before" figures I wanted. I'll have to assume Saab's 150 as the starting point.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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