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Brian W wrote in letting me know he’d just picked up one of the bargains of the century….

<blockquote>I had a 900s and it was taking too much to maintain, so I took it to my mechanic and he basically told me (while wearing a stethoscope and prodding the engine like a newborn baby) that he would not fix it for me because he thought I would be wasting my money.

I went online to the local SAAB dealership site and saw they had ONE 2007 9-3 Aero, with every package in Silver on Slate (the only one I would buy) and even in a 6-speed. 12 miles on the odo.

I wanted to walk away, and I did, with more car than I ever expected. I got the car that same day for $25,000. A 2007, 9-3 Aero 6-Speed, every package and the top of the line Audio package. A STEAL!

Oh, and I got $500 trade-in for the 900s, they said it made “funny noises.”



That really is a phenomenal bargain!

FYI - Brian’s US$25,000 Aero would cost around A$70,000 retail here in Oz, and the US$ to $A relationship is nowhere near that far apart.

But bargains like this are drying up fast as 2007 stocks clear the dealer’s lots.

A quick look at site sponsor Saab of Hunterdon reveals that the only 2007 vehicle left in the 9-3 range is a 2007 Aero Convertible, 6-spd auto with touring package and finished in silver on slate.

It’s going for more than $7,800 off MSRP at $39,619.

Spring is on its way - giddyup!

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