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there is something wrong with my clutch: when i'm at a red light and a gear selected (clutch pressed), the car starts to roll after perhaps 15 seconds - just like it would if I actually would have depressed the clutch myself. This is worse on (cold) mornings or if the car has not been driven for some hours.

The clutch feels quite "normal" when i press the clutch pedal; good resistance, but if I release the clutch after 10 seconds or so it does not seem as it has the same pressure.

also: there is brake fluid dripping under the car (and fluid disappearing from the reservoir). There is no fluid under the pedals.

Is there an easy way to tell if the slave cylinder needs replacement or if one of the hoses is responsible for all this? [I'd prefer a hose..]

The breaks are also very weak - I have to step on the pedal several times to get the car to stop. If I step on the brakes firmly, there is pressure. If I brake gently, the pedal goes to the floor quicker. Is this related?

Sorry for the long text, but I thought a thorough description might be better in the long run...

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