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Hi Guys and girls, if there are any?
Just been checking my VIN for MY97 9K and got this:- Specification for Saab 9000 VIN: YS3CD68T7V1002650
Model year 1997
Model series CS
Body style 5-door CS
Airbags Driver and passenger
Engine B204S (2.0l light-pressure turbo, balance shafts, intercooler)
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Built at Line A, Trollhattan, Sweden

So did a search here for B204S and got seven returns, reading through was very confuesing to say the least, web page
in one of the replays read this:-
"B204S - 2.0l turbocharged engine with twin camshafts and twin balancer shafts, without charge air cooler"

"B204L/E/R - 2.0l turbocharged engine with twin camshafts, charge air cooler, normal/low/high power output"

B204S was only fitted to 94/95 models. If it has an intercooler it is not a B204S.

SO, what's right ??
Mine does have an 'Intercoole' and is a 97 car

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The VIN decoder on BillJ's site gives the following:

Model year: 1997

Model series: CS

Body style: 5-door CS

Airbags: Driver and passenger

Engine; B204S (2.0l light-pressure turbo, balance shafts, intercooler)

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

Built at: Line A, Trollhattan, Sweden

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I have been looking at a 1997 CDE 2 litre LPT for sale.
The vin code YS3CF48T7V1001223 gave B204s. Its a 4 speed auto box, reg P223TGF and had an intercooler. I am not a 9000 expert, but know what an intercooler is!
Seems like the decoder is correct.
Was curious as to what the s stood for?
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