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AXA Car Insurance

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I have just had two blindingly good quotes for the Vert and the Sportwagon from AXA . Both are about due and with a further £28 Quidco cashback on each policy they are almost 50% the price of the existing insurer Privilege who as been very well priced for the last two years for a couple in their 40's.

I can actually insure both cars for less than the renewal on the Vert alone with policies which are almost identical, all declarations made, extras, business use and a single claim declared.

AXA are a big company but the 'net reviews are generally poor (unhappy people shout the loudest I know) has anyone here dealt with them when it came to claim time ? The last thing I want is a bump then an insurer who plays hardball.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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