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Aux in Hiss - A Free Solution Perhaps?

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Ah hah! Not sure if this is a Eureka moment or if it's simply further evidence of my contracting "Granny" (She had senile-dementia) :crazy:

Was sitting in the car this morning, iPhone plugged into the Aux hoping I could finally find a solution to the hiss and interference problem that would save me pennies.

Now, in my case I only find hiss and interference because I have to have the car radio sound turned up so high to actually hear what is coming from the iPod function.

Yes you can adjust the volume on the iPod whilst a track is playing, but this is limited only to whatever the Master volume is set to - If you click on "Settiings" then "iPod" scroll down and press "Volume Limit", push the slider to max (making sure you've turned the car radio down first!").

Hey presto, next time you play a track you've got normal level coming through the Aux. As a result you lose the hiss associated with having the car radio volume set so high.

You wouldn't believe I worked as a radio presenter and producer for 20 years would you??? :D
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I had tried all these volume-adjust solutions but hiss and noise were always present.
Maybe one could minimize hiss/noise if the ground point of the power supply to mp3/ipod is the same as the one to the Aux input.
In every case, a ground loop isolator is the best solution.
I only ever get noise when the charger is connected. Never had any problem running off iphone battery. Just waiting for my ground loop thing to arrive.[/b]

If my mp3 is not charged by the car's power then there is NO NOISE at all.
The noise was always present when connecting the USB cigarette charger.

The problem was completely solved by using the ground loop isolator.
Today the weather was good so we went for a long all-day drive. The music from the mp3 was just excellent.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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