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I recently had to get the autobox from another car rebuilt. Whilst emptying my wallet at the gearbox specialists, I discussed the terms of the warranty and was told that if the fluid was changed, a certain additive had to be used or the warranty was invalid. After further discussion about the additive and its uses, I asked about Saab gearboxes, and the chap said "Ah, we've got a service bulletin from Saab" and duly gave me a copy.

The additive is called "Lubegard" and is made by International Lubricants Inc of Seattle, USA.

The Saab bulletin (Parts & Service Information) is: Category: transmission, Section: 4, Page: 14, Issue: 06/93-0352, Code 442. It states "Some complaints have been received from owners of 9000 cars equiped with the ZF 4HP18 automatic transmission of a noise that occurs at the 2 - 3 upshift point. The noise may be described as a "squawk" or "moan" that usually occurs under light throttle pressure. A transmission fluid additive has been tested and approved for use as a service solution to address these complaints." etc etc etc

I'm not normally a big fan of additives, but as Saab recommend it and the gearbox experts insist on it, I thought it might be worth passing the info on.

If you can't get it locally, contact

Three D Transmissions
Unit 3A
Great Knolly St

0118 957 3104

You must of course make sure your gearbox fluid is in good condition, preferably new, before adding the Lubegard.
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