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A bit of a long shot I know; but if anyone within about an hours drive of Basingstoke has an old spare.......
It is the hose from the rear of the Auto-box to the 'in-radiator' oil cooler.....the one that goes to the top.

Have lent car to my visitors from New Zealand for three weeks and the hose has split ( well, rusted through is the truth ).

Have one on order but won't arrive 'till Wednesday. This is the first time in 9 years that anything has stopped the car being used and it has to happen now....:-(

Well I don't really expect anyone to have one just sort of lying about but I feel better for venting my's my fault of course; I could see it was looking rotten for ages..........should've fixed it before.......

ps. long time no bin here...hope all is well at Saabscene.
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