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Audio out - Amplifier installation

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Trying to install a new amp and sub in my SAAB 9-3 2003 model.

Ive been looking at several guides, and other threads, but I have still not figured out where the audio (red&white) cable should be connected. In seperate stereo players there are outputs for this, but how does this work in the stock stereo player from SAAB?

Hope for some answers!
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It doesn't in the way you want to with RCA leads, you need to use the speaker cable for a high level input.
You will not be able to use RCA leads (Red and White) unless you use a line output converter off of the existing speaker cables.

Boss audio do one that is good and only £10-£15.
Line level converter from the rear speaker lines, a remote can come from the fuse box ( forgotten which but there is a thread) on the left hand side of the boot behind the big flap....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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