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Having had my blaupunkt stereo head unit stolen recently , you will appreciate my joy and delight at receiving a new sony CD unit for Christmas.

However, like a child who has received a new toy for which no suitable batteries could be found , I find myself unable to fit it because the standard Saab connector has been hacked off thus rendering Halfords harness adaptor useless .

Can anyone explain the colour coding of the wires to the connector so that I stand half a chance of performing my first ever car audio installation succesfully

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Sorry to hear about the theft.

Hope the following is of use to you:

Red - rh front
Blue -rh front
green - lh front
brown - lh front
red/violet - rh back
blue/violet - rh back
brown/violet - lh back
green/voilet - lh back

Can't remember which are the speaker + and which are speaker - but a quick look at the rear speakers will tell you which is which.

Thats one socket dealt with.
The other is:

Red +12 volts
Green - electric aerial
black - negative


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Welcome, and other wiring info...

Apart from the obvious power connections, you should also find in the loom:

Dimmed instrument illumination feed (Brown/White)
Switched +12V (possibly also red)

The phasing of the speaker connections is straightforward; in all cases above the first listing is the +ve, the second the -ve.

Good luck!
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