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Any Saabscene Members in the Midlands area?

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Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone would be up for a meeting for Saabs around the Nottingham area? :D
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i am from Brum, not too fussed if i have to travel a short distance for a meet up!
Seems an opportunity........

Following the SOC AGM meeting at Bond Street Saab in Leicester this Saturday lunchtime, we (about nine from GWS) thought it would be an idea, as we are in that neck of the woods, to meet up after the AGM with fellow enthusiasts.

Suggested location is:
Cropston (about a mile from Bond Street Select): Bradgate Arms (Station Road LE7 7HG) it has a large car park and serves food all day.
im in derby would love to take part or help organize somthing
The West Midlands & Warwickshire SOC group have a pub meet at the Stonebridge Toby Inn on the A45 towards Coventry from the NEC. This meeting is on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

Alternatively, there is the East Midlands SOC pub meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's of each month. They meet at The Red Lion, Mian St, Kegworth.

Hey some good feed back guys. :D

What would be the best way to get things sorted out? :)
a good place for saab owners to meet in nottingham is the MFN. every sunday it is just for cars and they have all makes and clubs. it starts at and fills up very quickly so you need to get there at a good time so you can all park together as there will be up to 2000 ish cars on the night.
this sunday gone there was a saab there that had been modifield, i didnt take too much notice as i'm usually busy chatting to potential customers.. well worth a drive out.

Was the Saab in question a convertible? If so that was mine. :D

I'll post up the last MFN details (which is next week) in another topic. :)
Alternatively, there is the East Midlands SOC pub meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's of each month. They meet at The Red Lion, Mian St, Kegworth.What would be the best way to get things sorted out? smile.gif
Im in Birmingham and would come some were local.
Done alot of stuff like this in the past with other cars and its enjoyable aswell as a good place were members will help out with problem,bring fault code readers,give advice have a go of each others cars.
Police are usually very ok with it too.
I done quite a few at star city with skyline owner/volvo owners/subaru owners and some others.
Usually have a meal and stuff,just a shame we cant drink due to obvious reasons.

In previous meets ive seen some real classic cars fully restored and ive seen a few of the older generations up to 70 year old members come along and of course there knowledge is invaluble.

Ive found it very nice,even if you have no money still come il buy you a meal.
Some thing shoud be arranged,my car not 100% at the minute so I dont fancy driving far but locals good for now.

I aint been the tracks in a while and dont know what days people go up or hams hall,im not into racing any more but its nice to see other peoples pride and joys.

Ive noticed to that people dont care what your car looks like so if it not a v6-24v-twin super duppa turbo with 50inch rims dont be worried lol,many standard cars come.
I will put emai notification on..
Take care

One memorabe meet I done was a vauxhall meet when I was really in to cavalier turbos and calibras aswell as engine swapping the red top turbo around 2006 a real old vaxhall viva completely stripped with roll bars buckets seats,set up like a drag car with the old rover v8 in it,what a car,rear wheel drive too,a lot of fun,cheaply made and very simple,no ecu,injectors,abs,power steering,emmision and tax exempt,if only I had a drive or garage ;-).

Think it was like,scaffholding for exhaust and roll bars,land rover diff and prop shaff,fuel tank with pump lol,very simple and what a noise
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