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And why wouldn't Logan be happy with his beautiful 9-3 Sport Sedan parked right there in the street behind him?


Logan dropped this image into my inbox this morning. It's him in his new Cafepress UrSaab T-shirt and he said that since he's purchased it he's become much more attractive to the ladies, has increased his IQ by 15% and property values in his street have quadrupled!

OK, I'm exaggerating. Property values only doubled, but that's still impressive.

Just like Logan, you too can enjoy the enhanced lifestyle that comes with one of these tasty T's and they're available in a range of colors, styles and with three different TS logo designs.

The Cafepress shirts are showing some impressive longevity (my polo's had over a dozen washes so far with no fade evident), however the Spreadshirt items are reputed to justify their slight price premium with some superior quality, especially when it comes to the dark shirts.

The US Spreadshirt shop is here and during April, you get 21% off the price of baseball T's.

The European Spreadshirt shop is here.

The CafePress shops are here: Classic900 - Viggen - UrSaab
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